Powerboat .now,… wash it off your bucket list!

We are the company that organizes high-speed cruises
off the coast of Scheveningen.
Well, cruising…..? It is still on the bucket list of many

The short trip out of the harbor is perhaps most similar
to the average round trip and that in a powerboat with the unsurprising name:
“Bubbles”, a beautiful structure with anticipation for what is to come.

Once open water is reached, the throttle levers move forward and
the engines roar. We have 1 tip: hold on tight!
Now you immediately understand why the name powerboat is used.
We can travel at speeds of up to 100 km/h over the sea, waves,
and sometimes receive splashes of splashing water, make right-angle turns
and let you feel the G forces, an attraction at the fair pales in comparison.

Here you meet the violence of the engines versus the elements!

And only if you still have time to look….

then you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Scheveningen coast.

Bad weather in Scheveningen does not have to be a spoilsport for this activity,
we can provide warm and protective clothing so that
the unique experience can continue even on cooler days. We cannot give a 100% dryness guarantee,
so put on something comfortable and take dry clothes with you just to be sure.
We flush this desire full of speed and spectacle from your bucket list!

So if you want to get some fresh air with your friends, family,
colleagues or perhaps with customers, book now!
As an example, we
offer you
a number of exciting options below:


wild ride

bachelor party

Sunset Tours


Big Boat Tour 


Extreme Power Kite Clinic:


Rotterdam culinary : AXI! dayTeam building:


Birthday or party: Supervise or follow a business day/customer event: Tender service: Diving in the North Sea:


the band of brothers and sisters:


*Shorter runs and departures with 4 people are only possible for us for price reasons
in the high season, May to September


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